living with a disability

Hello my name Charlene Childers I Have a Disability and it is called Spina Bifda. I am 41 Years old and I’m dealing with my Spina Bifda everyday. I use a Manuel wheelchair to get where I need to go. I do not let my disability stop me from going places,I aso have a shunt
That pumps fluid off of the brain and into my stomach, I have had numerous surgeries to replace my shunt, Also I have multiple growths all over my body they are extra bones that grows all over my body especially all through my left knee area. The doctors can not remove those in my knee because the ligaments are growing over the. Like I said earlier I do not let my disability stop me I have been on numerous trips my latest was going to Canada to see niagra falls, A lady I go to church with goes with me on my trips since I do not drive and also I need help with other stuff. Most kids with Spina Bifda does not have control of there kidneys or bladder I have control of both my kidneys and bladder that does not mean I do not have problems ever so often