Living with a disability

I work a full time job at Tyndall Federal Credit Union. I have been been with Tyndall for 20 years. Getting back to to not letting my disability stop me I have been to several nascar races in Talladega Alabama I also have been to chatnooga Tn to the aquarium plus numerous other places. My childhood was pretty much like every other even though I had a disability I had a go cart that was equipped with hand controls so I could drive it myself. Me and my family went places just like everybody else me and my dad would go hunting every hunting season he would put my chair that I had at the time in the front seat of our jeep and we would take off to the woods for hours on en. We would also go fishing and just take a lawn chair and set it up at the banks or even on the boat we had. In school growing up at first I stayed in one classroom all day but as I got older like in middle school I was mainstreamed out to regular classes, I will not forget the first time I started middle school they had nothing accessible for people with disabilities, not even one restroom, so my mom told them I would not be back until it was accessible and they told the parents that they agreed to take us in the middle school that they did not have to take us so I was out of school for 2 weeks until they made everything accessible for us.


2 thoughts on “Living with a disability

  1. You are so fortunate to have the parents that you have! It is evident that they expected the best for you and were determined to make sure the best happened. I know they are proud they have you. Charlene, you are a blessing to your family and would be a blessing to any family. Keep that fabulous attitude and you will always be rewarded with a wonderful, fulfilled life. God Bless!


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