Living with a disability

The elementary school I school I went to was just one classroom for the disabled so it was set up fairly nice , in the summer time the school would take take us down to the billy joe Rish state park where they had/have a very nice set up for the disabled students there cabins are all 100 percent accessible for the disabled they even have an accessible pool that people with disabilities can use, my high school was fully accessible rode the bus everyday to and from school getting to my childhood like I said earlier I did not let things stop me I tried to do as much as possible for myself, I went to all the school activities that I could go to my junior year me and my cousin went to the junior prom by ourselves, my senior year I went to prom with a guy from the church I was going to at the time both proms I had a blast at I do not drive so I have someone take me and pick me up wherever i go, even after I finished school I did not stop going places like most people would think I woul, I went to out to different places I did not let the wheelchair stop me I would hang out at the skating rink on a Friday and Saturday night until I was old enough to start going to the clubs then a friend of mine and me would go see the group clutch until they quit playing I would also go to another bar that a friend of mine played in and listen to his band. When my friend was not with me my mom would take me and pick me up when I called her.


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