Living with a disability

My childhood was a typical childhood except for that I was in the wheelchair. My mom and dad both worked so sometime I would have to get up and get ready for the bus before my mom left for work, but we made it work, I have a brother and sister we fought just like every brother and sister would, they did not give me any special treatment just because of my disability I would I would give it right back to them If they messed with me. Getting back to my childhood I had numerous surges not just to for my sunt but for my dislocated hip that was out of socket so many times I can’t keep up the doctors would put it in and they would either not put it in far enough or they rotated it to far in so the last time they did it they rotated it to far in so I finely decided to just leave it and not bother it anymore, one surgery I had I don’t remember very well but told about when I was little my gasses got mixed up and they had to tell my mom and dad about it they liked not to have saved me on that one, when I was in school I was the poster child for the March of dimes I’m not sure the exact years I think it was when I was about maybe between the ages of 6-12 maybe a little sooner or a little layering just remember one year I had to wear a wig on tv because I had surgery to replace my shunt which I said earlier was always messing up when I was younger. I had several opportunities to meet different stars off of several operas, I had a chance to meet Isaac off of the love boat. Two of the people I had a chance to meet were Doug and Julie off of the days of our lives. I meet numerous people thru the March of dimes but that was years ago and I can’t recall who all I had a chance to meet. Everybody may think this is crazy when you read this but I can tell when a storm/ hurricane is coming my shunt will mess up I usually end up in the hospital because of it, fortunately as I get older my shunt has not bothered me as muc, I just remember one hurricane it was hurricane Elena I ended up in the hospital here at bay medical and the doctors to do surgery on me to replace it but the next morning I woke up and was fine so my mom told them to cancel the surgery that she was taking me home


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