Living with a disability

I do not remember much when I was a baby but different family members have told me that the doctors told my mom and dad I would never live or if I did I would not live a full life but I have totally proved them wrong, the doctors said I would never have full control over anything like sitting or even trying to walk. I also proved them wrong to an extent with that one even though I use a wheelchair now. I did walk some when I was younger but it took me too long to get where I was going, so they said it would be better with a wheelchair. I have an electric chair at home but I only use it for trips and long distancesm I do not want to use lose my upper body strenth so I had rather use a manuel chair, In elementary school I received physical therapy but they cut that out saying if it did not pertain to my situation I was not able to receive it in high school. I took drivers education just like everybody else did. They had special cars equipped that we could use with hand controls and brakes. I went to a driving school in Orlando FLORIDA and they taught me how to drive but I never felt comfortable enough to drive by myself. That doesn’t mean I did not drive but I would only with my mom in the car and only to certain places. When I worked the Parker branch of Tyndall FEDERAL CREDIT UNION I would drive there and home with my mom. Then they moved me over to the Lynn HAVEN branch behind Haney and I drove over there but it was farther than I felt comfortable driving. The day I was born they did an operation on my back to close it up since it was open when I was born, The doctors told my mom and dad he was going in there and try to repair the damage and put the sac back where it belonged. He told them right then and there he did not know how it would turn out they would just have to wait and see, He also told them that most patients with this condition never do anything, so I proved them all wrong. I am actually a miracle because they said I would never live and now I am 41 years old with a full time job.


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